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Graphic Design
Graphic DesignImages & Illustrations
Each project is tailor-made with a variety of elements, e.g.: typography, photography, and illustrations in various styles – patterns, botanic drawings, landscape, buildings and caricatures. We cater for different promotional purposes, e.g.: logo design, web banner design, digital art and other online media.
PrintsVarious Print Media
We are highly competent and efficient in the layout and composition of various print media. We offer a wide range of designs for product promotion purposes, e.g.: packaging design, business cards, posters, leaflets, stationery design, labels, birthday and Christmas cards.
Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web DesignStandard or eCommerce website
We design customer-friendly sites tailored exactly to your business needs. We can build you a site that will attract attention and express precisely what your business offers to clients. Our websites are responsive to all devices: computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Branding solutions
Branding solutionsBranding & Rebranding
We can also help you to develop a successful corporate identity. With each client, we take time to discuss your individual needs and to develop the most suitable branding solution for each enterprise. This involves developing a simple and powerful logo, a consistent style of presentation and all those image markers which make a brand memorable and instantly recognisable.

Website Add-Ons
Website Add-Ons
Website Add-Ons: web hosting, domain name, website update & maintenance, SEO, online directory registration, social media management, GDPR setting up.

Social Media Presence Design
Social Media Presence DesignImproving your visual presence
We help you to design the cover images, profile photos and post images on your social media accounts, so you’ll have a nice social media presence in front of your potential clients.

Promotional Bundles

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We provide promotional bundles offering different branding and design packages: e.g. “logo + business card + leaflet”, or “business card + leaflet + standard web site”, and more.

The promotional bundles provide great discounts and numerous special offers. These are ideal for start-up companies, and also for companies wanting to freshen up their corporate identity with a new and more arresting design.

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