Kampung Baru is a Malay
enclave in the heart of Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia.It is also
one of the most valuable tracts
of land in the capital and is
estimated to be worth up to
US$1.4 billion.


But so far Kampung Baru elders have turned developers away,saying they want to preserve their ethnic Malay lifestyle.





Kuching International Airport
(KIA) is Sarawak"s main
international airport and is
situated 11 km (6NM) south
of the city of Kuching.


The airport is also an airbase
for the Royal Malaysian Air
Force and the newly renovated
terminal complex is capable of
handling 5 million passengers
per annum .





KIA has grown rapidly with an
increasing number of passengers and aircraft
movement. In the year of 2006

KIA handled 3,196,352
passengers with a correspondi
ng volume of 40,292 flights.


In the same year, 29,716
metric tonnes of cargo were
handled. Kuching International
Airport is the secondary hub
for Malaysia Airlines





Mount Santubong (Gunung
Santubong) is a mountain in
the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

It is located about 35 km north
of the state capital Kuching.

On a clear day, it can be seen
from Kuching. The mountain
and its surrounding area is a
popular tourist attraction...